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Day 37: Animator Override Controllers

Youtube comments are generally toxic garbage but sometimes there are exceptions, especially when it comes to tutorials. I’ve found it useful to read through the comments before watching the video to see if anyone has posted any helpful tips or encountered problems.

In video #35 of the Tower Defense tutorial, we’re shown how to animate the enemy characters. After demonstrating how to set up the first monster, we’re directed to repeat the tedious and time consuming process for the remaining three. (It took ~30 minutes just for the first one and it only has an up, down, left and right animation.)

Enter Youtube user “Draven” who informs us of Unity’s Animator Override Controllers which allows us to copy the transitions and animations used from the first monster and apply them to the remainder. (It took less than a minute to create each controller.) It’s a time saving tip that will be very useful in projects going forward!

Animator Override Controllers

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 35/73
  • Unity in Action (Pg 183 of 352)


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