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Day 10: Install Git

It was a silly oversight on my part that will make programmers facepalm. I must’ve completely zoned out while watching tutorials about connecting VSCode to Github, or perhaps they logically assumed I had completed the necessary prerequisite: first install Git. I had not.

The other day when I read that VSCode had git integration, I incorrectly thought that was all I needed to connect with Github.

I didn’t understand why I was getting this error

Later when I finally clued in and downloaded Git, the installer was giving me grief and wouldn’t let me proceed with my editor selection:

I discovered it was because I had VS Code open. Oops.

Frankly, it was just one hiccup after another and nothing much was accomplished tonight.

Actually, that’s not true. I now know more about Git than before. I practiced how to stage, commit, and push files. I learned what a SHA-1 hash is, how to clone a repository and create a new branch. And I’ll continue with my research tomorrow.

(See how easy those negative thoughts can creep in. I need to push them away. Shoo! Scat!)



Day 9: BASIC

I was in my parent’s basement rummaging through boxes of my old stuff from junior high and came across a short text-based game I had written in BASIC back in 1994. The 5 1/2″ floppy was all mangled but fortunately I had printed out a copy of the source code. The memory of that obnoxiously loud dot matrix printer makes me smile.

I had forgotten how much I loved the movie Speed. So much so, I went ahead and wrote a part 2. The game’s dialogue is admittedly very cringe worthy but I think I gave it a better overall treatment than the actual sequel that came out several years later.

Speed 2 in BASIC
“Pop quiz, hotshot. There’s a bomb on a bus.”

Maybe if I have time in the future, I’ll type it up and compile it for laughs. There are 7 pages but I’m not sure if any are missing because the code is full of GOTO statements; it’s all spaghetti.

I also found some Nintendo stickers that were cereal box prizes. I never used them. You see, as I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, there was a time when I had a fateful decision to make as a kid: Sega or Nintendo. I chose Sega…and ended up enduring years of heartbreak with the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast. At least the Genesis had a good run.

Ah, nostalgia.

I completed the Beginner Scripting Course and finished watching The Coding Train’s playlist on Git & Github.

I’ve decided to use Github for my repositories and created an account. Next up is learning how to use VS Code and Unity in conjunction with it.


Day 8: Scripting

The Unity Beginner Gameplay Scripting videos are outdated and that caused a few issues in the beginning.

Although the syntax changes between the older and newer versions of Unity aren’t too major, it was enough to throw flags & errors everywhere. For example:

gameObject.renderer.material.color =;         

should now be:

gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.color =; 

For the most part, Unity tried to convert the old code when it compiled.

That should have been my first clue. I’ll keep a closer eye going forward

The code is also cAsE SEnSiTIvE and there were a few times I was scratching my head because I thought I had typed it exactly as presented.

Another minor issue I was having was turning off the auto-complete in VS Code.   Having to press ‘escape’ each time to deny the wrong suggestion was annoying.   In the end, it was necessary to go to: File > Preferences > Settings > Text Editor > Suggestions > Quick Suggestions > “Edit in settings.json” and then add the following line:

"editor.acceptSuggestionOnCommitCharacter": false

I think it’s all good now.

I made it to Lesson 9: Vector Maths today and plan on finishing the rest of the lessons in this series tomorrow.

Version Control

To wrap the day up, I laid back and just watched videos about version control. I came across The Coding Train’s playlist on explaining Git & Git Hub.

He’s a very enthusiastic teacher (even more so since I watch videos at 1.25x speed) and does an excellent job breaking down and simplifying all the concepts. I got through about half of the playlist and will watch the rest either tomorrow or on my breaks at work.

Avatar for Profile

My wife is proud of my determination and sketched up a cool avatar of me to use as my profile pic and blog header. I love it because her drawing is quite flattering, ha!

I also updated the blog to a cleaner, minimalist look which is more suited to my style and makes me feel comfortable and at ease when writing my entries. Whatever it takes to help keep that anxiety at bay 😉


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