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Day 3: Intro to Unity and Visual Studio

After installing the latest versions of Unity and Visual Studio I started playing around and getting a feel for the UI.

I browsed Unity’s Asset store and came across visual scripting solutions such as PlayMaker and Bolt and tools like the Corgi Engine.

Visual scripting: yea or nay?

The idea of quicker game creation is appealing but I think it’s important that I script using just C# to begin with. Learn to crawl before I walk, right? While my ultimate goal is to create a game, I want to learn to program in C# and Unity. Perhaps later in my journey I’ll revisit those tools. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Today, I also began the official Welcome to Unity Course – thank goodness for all these free tutorials. It’s nearly 8 hours long so it’ll take me a few days to complete during the work week.


Unity has a lot of free tutorials, which is great because I don’t have money
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