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Day 6: Job Competition

Calgary, Alberta is best known for hosting the ’88 Olympics, cowboy hats and Oil & Gas. The city has never been considered a gaming development hub.

So it was a pleasant surprise when earlier this month New World Interactive announced it will be opening a development studio here in May. The makers of ‘Insurgency’ and ‘Day of Infamy’ plan on hosting job fairs to attract talent and are already accepting applications.

The Calgary studio hopes to expand to up to 50 employees in the next 3 years. Don’t quote me on this but I thought I heard on the radio that they had already received hundreds of applications within days of the announcement.

That’s some tough competition. How would a new would-be developer like myself even hope to land a job in the industry when there are so many more qualified candidates?

I need to work hard and somehow stand out.

New World Interactive uses UE4 for their development (darn!) but I believe if I get a solid understanding of programming and design under my belt, those skills are transferable regardless of the engine used.

Today, I began the Beginner Gameplay Scripting tutorial. I made sure to type out all the code – no copying and pasting.

I’m enjoying this tutorial series because not only does it teach C# but also how it relates specifically to Unity. Some things are beginning to click. That’s a nice feeling.


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