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Day 2: Learning Beginner C#

I never dreamt I would be rounding the corner to 40 while working full-time in an entry-level retail position. A dash of bad luck, a sprinkle of health setbacks, and a wallop of poor decisions and voilà! A recipe for a middle-age career disaster. I’m literally further behind career-wise than when I was in my teens and my city’s job market doesn’t look like it will turn around anytime soon.

I also found myself anxious at the prospect of learning a programming language and going from “Hello World” to somehow creating a game you would see in the App Store.

Maybe “anxious” isn’t the right word. Scared at failing? I tend to create imaginary obstacles that I haven’t yet even encountered. That’s definitely a mindset matter I need to work on.

So no more self-pity, no more excuses.

I finished watching the 4 1/2 hour C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners and I highly recommend it! Mike Dane did a phenomenal job teaching the course by slowly building upon simple and easy to understand concepts.

Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# Book by Joseph Hocking

To make use of the downtime during my lunch break each day at work, I’m thinking of picking up Unity in Action, Second Edition  by Joseph Hocking.

I’ve also recently created a reddit account and subscribed to only game dev related subreddits. As long as I don’t get sidetracked and venture over to /all, I think I will find the interaction with other like-minded users helpful.


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