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Day 25: Assets & Resources

This entry will be short…it’s been one of those days. Admittedly, I’m glad I started this daily blog because it forces me to accomplish something each day. It has been a great tool to keep me accountable.

I’ve set up this page to help me keep organized and for ease of reference. It will be updated with links to free assets, tutorials and other resources that I’ve found helpful or am planning to look into further. It’s still fairly sparse, but will add more as time goes on.

Tower Defense Tutorial Progress: 5/73

Only progressed through one video today, but it’s still progress.



Day 20: ProBuilder

The final lecture of CS50G course introduced me to new concepts such as Raycasting, Render Texture & Texture Masking. I was also excited to learn about a free Unity tool called ProBuilder which allows you to quickly prototype 3D environments.

Windows -> All packages -> ProBuilder -> Install
(Then ProBuilder will show up under 'Tools')

Next up, I’m planning on following along tutorials from:

I’ll pick and choose game types that I find interesting and just jump in.

If you have any other favorite Youtubers with tutorials about creating Unity games from scratch, please share in the comments.


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