Assets & Resources

I’ll be adding links to quality tutorials and great free assets. (Always doublecheck the license for permitted use)

You can post links in the comments to similar sites that you’ve found helpful.

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Art Assets & Animations
Over 40,000 images, audio files and 3D models for you to use in your projects.

Glitch The Game
Over 10,000+ individual art assets & animations. The entire library of art assets from the game has been made freely available

Music & Sound Effects

Sonniss GameAudioGDC Bundle 2019
25GB+ of high-quality sound effects for use in your game development projects. Everything is royalty-free and commercially usable
2018 Bundle (30GB+)
2017 Bundle (20GB+)
2016 Bundle (16GB+)
A large collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.
Thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds.

Unity Tutorials

Harvard CS50’s Introduction to Game Development
Free online course, Unity is covered in the last 3 lectures

Top-quality game development tutorials on everything from Unity and programming to game design

inScope Studios
In-depth tutorials focused on game development with Unity & C# programming

Jimmy Vegas
Unity Tutorials teaching you all the necessary objectives to design your own games from scratch

Unity tutorials on RPG’s, MMORPG’s, and more

C# Tutorials

C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners
(Video) Excellent introductory course by Mike Dane

C# The Yellow Book
(PDF) Used by the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hull as the basis of their First Year programming course. Download your own free PDF copy here

C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners
(Video) Microsoft Virtual Academy, 24 training episodes

C# Notes for Professionals
(PDF) A free 808 page PDF book containing containing code samples and details, compiled from Stack Overflow documentation.


Create your own videogame sounds. You have full rights to all sounds made with bfxr, and are free to use them for any purposes, commercial or otherwise.

Marketing & PR Tools

Send Steam keys to YouTube, Twitch and other broadcasters to help promote your game. Analytics help track your campaign and reach.

3 thoughts on “Assets & Resources”

  1. Hey, here’s a couple places I’ve found to be useful:
    Audio and sounds: – Sounds effects made by the community, quality varies from bad to poor to high. Remember to check the license on each sound, as each sound is individually licensed by the author. pretty much the same as above, but different sound pool.

    10 free downloads per day with a fair license ( Especially the brush packs for Photoshop / Gimp etc is a nice addition if you’re looking to create your own decals etc.

    3D assets: the first place I check when looking for 3D models. Lots of variation in quality, also sometimes license restrictions
    Blender 3D models, in varying qualities and licenses.

    You should always suspect the source file’s origin even if the download page states that you can use it, especially when it’s from a community site and not a professional. I learned it the (slightly) hard way: Especially the textures are worth checking, some of them might contain a restrictive/original license watermarked to a corner of the texture image.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great list, thank you!

      With regards to that Riot Zombie model – if you modify it substantially, doesn’t it become a different original model? Or are there still licensing/copyright issues involved?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not a copyright expert, or a lawyer so this is not legal advice bla bla….

        I think it depends on the original license of the model. For example, if it’s CC-BY-SA (share-alike), the derivative works should have the same license, So I don’t use that. Also, I don’t want to gamble with what counts as a substantial modification. In the case I had with the riot zombie, it was clearly just copied from Counter-Strike assets, so I thought (and still think) that it was best to scrap that one and find a model with a more suitable license.

        So I feel it comes down to risks and rewards; I think you should play it safe when it comes to any copyright issues.

        Liked by 1 person

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