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Day 21: Week 3 Recap

This past week I completed the Harvard game dev intro course, specifically the Unity lectures and assignments. Having to read someone else’s code and then make additions & corrections was a good learning exercise. (Casual endless flyer, procedurally generated endless maze)

Unfortunately, I didn’t touch any of my stretch goals for the week. (Honestly, I forgot about that goal until now when I was reading through my last recap. Oopsie.)

Non-coding accomplishments since my last recap included:

For the next week (or two), I’ve decided to go through a couple different Tower Defense tutorials:

The first is from inScope Studios and the second is from Brackeys. I’m interested in seeing how two different developers tackle the same game genre.



Day 14: Week 2 Recap

Looking back over the past week, I was able to reach my stretch goals and then some:

The Week Ahead

I’d like to complete the Harvard game dev intro course including the three Unity specific lectures which feature a 3D helicopter game, Dreadhalls (first person horror maze), and Portal.

Stretch Goal

I want to relook at the Roll-A-Ball game. I think it’s a great basis to learn to make additions/changes:

  • turn the sphere into a player character with tighter controls
  • be able to shoot projectiles
  • have ammo limit based on the number of rotating cubes you’ve collected; ammo amount is subtracted each time you fire.
  • add a jump function


Day 7: Week 1 Recap

While always pushing forward, it’s important that I also reflect on what I’ve accomplished. It’s comparable to having a weight loss goal – hitting those milestones along the way is uplifting.

The Week Ahead

It’s inventory week with long hours at work beginning on Monday, but this is what I’m planning to accomplish:

Stretch Goal


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