Day 99

After attempting to create a biplane using blender, I confirmed what I already knew: I have no artistic ability.

I will use Kenney’s free assets for this project.  Instead of a WWII setting, I’ll have to go make do with what assets are available – so space shooter it is I guess.

I’m planning for it to be a simple endless shooter with 2 types of enemies: ground turrets and flying ships spawning randomly. 

I’d also like to implement a leaderboard to keep track of scores. 

My goal for this week is just to get player movement going and to create a scrolling vertical background.



Author: Mike@PAUSED

Aspiring indie game developer. Devlog:

3 thoughts on “Day 99”

  1. I hope you are well, haven’t heard from you in a while. Remember sometimes life gets in the way and working on a side project becomes difficult. Don’t abandon it, just prioritize everything and work on it when you can. You can do this.


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