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Day 56: Community

What stands out while going through the SoloLearn C# course is the helpful user community.  I’m on lesson 52/72 and it isn’t a stretch to say that I’ve learned just as much – if not more – from the comments in each lesson than the lesson itself.     Everyone is trying to help each other and that is great to see and experience.

I’m nearly two months into my journey and I would like to thank you readers for making me feel part of a community here as well. 

WeirdBeardDev thank you for all your helfpul advice, comments and support!  It means a lot and has been invaluble to my progress. I’m excited to follow your dungeon crawler quest.

psychocod3r, I appreciate your insight as well and continue to read all your blogposts. I don’t comment often on them only because the material is often so far over my head and beyond my expertise that there’s nothing I can contribute, but I continue to read and glean whatever I can from your projects.

Thanks also to lakehoundgames (hope your new job is going well!) and everyone else that has commented and shared.

I started the blog as a self-motivational tool and didn’t expect to connect with such great people online with similar goals and interests.

A deep and sincere thank-you to everyone.

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 54/73
  • Clean Code by Robert C. Martin (pg 116/464)


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