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Day 55: Licensing Assets

There are so many talented people creating amazing assets for use in game development.

Regardless whether it’s provided free or for a charge, I’m uncomfortable with all the different licensing available and the legalities surrounding it.

I can’t find the Reddit thread now – perhaps it was deleted – but there was a musician offering free music and sound effects ‘under license’.   Basically, the conversation between a commenter and OP went that the assets were free to use for as long as OP wanted and they could essentially pull the license or charge for it later.

Is that really a possibility with licensed assets?  Can you imagine publishing a game only to find out later you need to pay or pay more?

Browsing through asset stores I see there are many different types of licences: MIT, CC BY, CC BY-SA and on and on.

Once I figure out which license to look for in my game assets, there’s also the risk that the asset purchased wasn’t actually from the original artist or it infringes on some copyright. What can of legal liability worms does that open?

I could avoid all those headaches by creating all the assets myself -it’s just not plausible in my case.

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 53/73
  • Clean Code by Robert C. Martin (pg 116/464)


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