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Day 47: HacknPlan

As I slowly approach the jump-off to begin my first (very tiny) game, I was looking for ways to keep my project organized, documented and on track.

HacknPlan is similar to Trello but designed specifically for game development. It’s free for personal use and small indie teams (score!) while paid versions include Github integration, more storage, etc.

A feature is the integrated game design documentation which continually evolves as your development progresses.

I’ve only briefly played around inside the application but I think it will fit my needs going forward.

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 47/73 -> Health Bar Tutorial 6/7
  • Unity in Action (Pg 324 of 352)



Author: Mike@PAUSED

Aspiring indie game developer. Devlog:

5 thoughts on “Day 47: HacknPlan”

    1. After I’m done with the current tutorial, I’m thinking of making a small card game and then a clicker/incremental type. Low on graphics. Just projects I can complete quickly (hopefully) and push onto GooglePlay and other sites so I can gain experience on how the process works and how it translates onto the screen.

      From there, I’d like to tackle my first “main” game – still small scale and manageable – but pushing what I’ve learned further. Ideally, it would be a survival/puzzle game but still undecided whether to go 3D, isometric, or 2D.

      Again, that’s the plan but it can change.

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