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Day 44: Telemetry & Feedback

The ‘Subnautica’ Postmortem talk was fascinating. I’ve never been privy to the behind the scenes of gaming development so I learned some interesting ways data is gathered.

Starting at the 14:38 mark, Jonas speaks about the systems implemented in their “earliest access” of the game whereby pressing ‘escape’ anywhere allowed players to provide feedback.

All the feedback is sent to their back-end server where it’s all aggregated and analysed.Here’s a link to it (it’s public access)

Telemetry and heatmap data was also collected to see where players were travelling on the game map. Unfortunately, because of GDPR, using Unity Analytics is no longer an option. (I didn’t know Subnautica was developed in Unity. That’s pretty cool!)

The developers were also working remotely (around the world) so they used a Trello board for tasks and made that public so that players could see the road map and that way generate more interest.

They also watched streamers to gauge whether the interface was intuitive and what caused the biggest reactions.

Overall a great talk and worth watching.

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 43/73
  • Unity in Action (Pg 301 of 352)


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