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Day 43: $0 Marketing

The video, “How to Successfully Market Your Indie Game on a $0 Budget“, from Emmy Jonassen (aka Indie Game Girl) is ~6 years old but still relevant. A good overview on effective marketing tactics for indie developers.

Below is a short breakdown (she expands in each area)

Step One: Create Irresistible Promotional Materials

  • Trailer Video
  • Screenshots
  • Press Release
  • Landing Page
  • Development Blog

Step Two: Score Articles in Top-Tier Publications

  • Build Target Publication List
  • Find Writer’s Contact Info
  • Get In Touch
  • Thank You Notes
  • Keep In Touch

Step Three: Build An Adoring Fanbase

  • Make Your Game Easy To Discover
  • Convert Visitors Into Fans With Content
  • Nurture Your Relationship With Fans

She also has a variety of helpful marketing posts on her site, like a Press Release Template.

Current Progress Status

  • Tower Defense Tutorial: 42/73
  • Unity in Action (Pg 278 of 352)


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