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Day 24: Hard Work ≠ Success?

“Help me understand what the hell is going on. I have made the biggest mistake of my life”

Reading this reddit post made me really feel for the developer. Tldr: indie dev spent 4 years and a lot of money on his game, released on Steam, Android, and iOS and has only “recouped less than 10% of [his] money thus far.”

The game looks very polished. Why didn’t it live up to the dev’s expectations?

I’m trying to take to heart all the constructive criticism in that thread. I would also love to hear your thoughts on why you think his game isn’t performing as well as he thought it would and what you would’ve done differently (or do going forward) if you were in his shoes.

Tower Defense Tutorial Progress: 4/73

I learned having public fields is generally bad practice in OOP but that Unity still allows you access to private fields in the Inspector by using SerializeField. I can have my cake and eat it too!

The first several videos have been about setting up the game grid through code. Since the tutorial was created, however, Unity has added a new Tilemap system making it so much easier. I’ll have to back and try out the new system sometime later.



Author: Mike@PAUSED

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7 thoughts on “Day 24: Hard Work ≠ Success?”

  1. I don’t want to bash other indies so I’m going to skip the first part of your post, but it’s always a sad thing to see when other indie devs are having a hard time.

    I think the new tilemap system now includes at least a part of the unity 2D extras?

    The rule tile and its extensions seem magical, I tested it out a while ago in a learning project and I thought it was super cool.

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    1. I truly hope it didn’t come across like I was bashing the indie dev – it legitimately hurt to read his plea. I’m just trying to learn what pitfalls to avoid because on the surface, it looks like they had their bases covered for launch.

      Thanks for linking the 2D extras – I’ll have to add that to the list of items I need to check out after I’ve completed my current tutorial.


  2. I read only some of the comments on reddit (damn day job gets in the way of things 😉 ), and I need to post some thoughts there later today. From what I read they spent 4 years making the game, and 1 year alone on a single feature. IMO they should have started with a minimum viable product (see Extra Credit’s video Maybe they didn’t need to launch on all three platforms at the same time, which would have moved that year spent on multiplayer code to later in the business cycle.

    They also focused on a niche market, digital board games. While that market grows each day, board game players typically like that feel of cardboard in their hands, well at least I do. I’m involved in a local board gaming club where I live and I’ve heard of Evolution but have not played it as of yet.

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  3. Without having looked at the Reddit post itself, I would say the reason that game is doing poorly is probably because he’s not marketing it properly. It’s not enough to make something good. It also has to be seen by the right people. You have to work very hard not just on writing the game, but also on reaching out to people in the appropriate community so that you’ll be able to find a sizable crowd of people willing to pay money to play it. A good starting place is knowing what your target market is. Who do you want to sell your game to? Are you writing it for classic RPG geeks, MMORPG fans, retro gaming nerds, anime nerds, people in a specific fandom, etc.? Narrow your target audience down to a specific subset of the gaming community that you know will be interested in your game, and write it with that subcommunity in mind.

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    1. Marketing seems to be a key issue. I need to research how to target that specific demographic my game is aimed at, like you mentioned.


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