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Day 20: ProBuilder

The final lecture of CS50G course introduced me to new concepts such as Raycasting, Render Texture & Texture Masking. I was also excited to learn about a free Unity tool called ProBuilder which allows you to quickly prototype 3D environments.

Windows -> All packages -> ProBuilder -> Install
(Then ProBuilder will show up under 'Tools')

Next up, I’m planning on following along tutorials from:

I’ll pick and choose game types that I find interesting and just jump in.

If you have any other favorite Youtubers with tutorials about creating Unity games from scratch, please share in the comments.



Author: Mike@PAUSED

Aspiring indie game developer. Devlog:

6 thoughts on “Day 20: ProBuilder”

  1. Ooooh ProBuilder sounds kewl. I watched Brackeys video on it, This means I build demo levels for my game much faster and delay learning Blender for a little while. I like to find a balance between learning and doing, mainly because I tend to overfocus on learning, which is great if I just want to talk about stuff. 🙂

    Here are some YouTubers I’ve saved for later, for most of these I’ve seen enough videos to know I want to go back and watch more.

    * inScope Studios –
    * Brackeys, How to make an RPG in Unity –
    * JesseEtzler, Unity C# RPG Tuts –
    * JezzeEtzler, Unity3d Lets Clone a Pokemon Game –
    * inScope Studios, High score with SQLite –
    * Jorge Rodriguez – Math for Game Devs –
    * Kryzarel –


  2. Just wondering, in case I ever want to do this myself: What do you use for the C# coding when you program in Unity? Does Unity provide its own IDE, or do you use an external program like Visual Studio?


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